Orange Farm Equipments Product Information

The Vardhaman Power Reaper is considered an appropriate technology, most suited to her harvesting needs of most farmers. The Vardhaman Power Reaper is an agricultural machine used for harvesting the main cereal crops of wheat, paddy and soybean. It cal also harvest other such crops which are 0.35 to 085 meters height like fodder grass and sunflower etc. The Vardhaman Power Reaper in an ideal solution to of mechanical harvesting grain recovery and saving straw when followed by mechanical threshing.


The Vardhaman Power Reaper is mobile unit, which moves on two wheels with its own power provided by and I.C. engine

The Vardhaman Power Reaper is made up of two parts:

Ø   The Vardhaman Power Reaper which provides the motive power for forward/reverse movement to the machine and to drive the reaper attachment.

Ø   The Reaper attachment is hitched to the power drive in front by single bolt and is driven by a V-belt drive for harvesting through cutter bar mechanism and for windrowing the crop through conveyor belt.


The Vardhaman Power Reaper is provided with simple control which is quickly learnt by the operator for effective handling and operation.

All serviceable parts are easily accessible for fast adjustments and maintenance purpose.

The Vardhaman Power Reaper can harvest the crop close to ground and place the cut crop neatly in windrows with the head aligned towards one side.

Vardhaman Power Reaper drive hitch can fit other attachment after detaching the reaper frame such as rotary tiller ,razor, transport box, irrigation pumps and power sprayer.  

Cutting close to ground save straw and enables trouble free tillage thereafter.

Operating a single hand lever can move the machine forward and backward. The reaping mechanism of the machine can be engaged or disengaged by hand lever when machine moves forward.

Only one operator is required to handle Vardhaman Power Reaper for harvesting operation.  

A Product Of Quality Engineering

Ø  Rugged construction of the Vardhaman Power Reaper makes it suitable of Indian farming conditions for sustained and reliable performance.

Ø  Best quality sealed bearings and sealed oil bath lubrication is provided for rotating elements which ensure a long and trouble free performance by machine.

Ø  Exposed parts are provided protection by high grade paints and zinc coating against deterioration from exposure to the elements.  

Ø  Ergonomic considerations have been incorporated in the machine so that the light and easy control enables long operations with least fatigue.

Ø  Reaper cutter bar parts are as per I.S. specifications are provided to ensure quality and interchangeability.