Orange Farm Equipments

.  Establishment :

In 2014, Orange Farm Equipments was established as a manufacturer’s rep/distributor of agricultural equipments, we are the continuously operating company in INDIA. We are specialist manufacturer of Reaper brand named as Vardhaman Power Reaper. The impact of this innovation is evident today on over 90% of Asian farms and since expanded into the world market. There have been many changes in farming methods over the last 200 years and INDIAN farmers have had to be adaptable as well as resilient and inventive. We are working with farmers from since 1985 to make agriculture more productive and sustainable. So we are here to full fill the farmers need, because we understands the farmers need.

.  Company Work :

We are the pioneers in manufacturing innovative high quality reaper brand named as Orange Farm Equipments suitable for cutting all types of farming crops in India.We provide High Quality Farm Equipment designed to enhance the farm operator’s efficiency, safety & profitability. We endevour to consistently provide innovative Farming Equipment of a World Class Standard, at an affordable price with reliability of supply and after sales service. We develop implements as per the farmers need. With a world class ultra modern manufacturing unit, we manufacture high quality products ensuring the efficient design, and robust working performance for our clients. We have a worldclass research and development laboratory which ensures continuous product improvement, new product development and quality assuarance.

.  Why we are :

Orange farm Equipments is a leading agricultural, environmental and industrial equipment manufacturing company. We are committed to developing our operating systems using the world's best practices and have company-wide accreditation through the quality assurance programs. We have expanded into reaper manufacturing division of the company. Our technologies enable farmers to get more from every acre of farmland. We have Strong market network, Team of expert & dedicated professionals Assured quality at affordable price, Quick dispatch of order as per the given commitment. Uses of good quality raw-materials ,Valuable market experience.

.  Goal & Concept :

Our vision and goal for improved agriculture strives to meet the needs of a farmers. We made a commitment to sustainable agriculture – pledging to produce more, conserve more, and improve farmers lives by 2030. We've strengthened our goal to develop better cutter tools and improved on-farm practices that enable farmers to better manage environmental stresses. And we're working to make these tools of innovation available to the people who have the most direct relationship with the land - the millions of farmers around the world. The technology we use to develop better seeds and the partnerships we nurture to develop new agronomic practices can drive big increases in yield and productivity.

.  Our Concept of Quality Assuarance :

.  Product Design

.  Strength and Stability

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